Yes, You Can Refill Blu Cigs Cartridges

You can actually refil blu Cigs electronic cigarette cartridges if you run out of liquid. Here is how you do it:

* Nicotine is highly transdermal, you need to be careful with it.
* Wipe your hands off or wash them right away.
* When refilling, don’t lick your fingers if you get juice on them.
* Keep it put up away from children and pets. When you are done, wash your hands.
* refill the cartridge at the mouth end – not the side with the metal thread.
* Use a dropper:start with 4-5 drops – you definitely don’t want to overfill it.
* don’t let the liquid pool: pooled liquid means you over filled
* cartridge is empty once you don’t get vapor anymore (full battery) and/or “burned” smell.

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